Wednesday, March 2, 2016

February Fumble

How is it possible that I didn't accomplish much during February, even with an extra day?

"A Light in the Window", 19 x 24", unfinished
 This was my color challenge project using only neutrals and 10% or less of an accent color. Also was supposed to be an "original" idea. Because I've always wanted to make a landscape quilt, that's what I chose. This has got to be my first ever neutral quilt and especially my first ever using the color peach.

This is what it looked like when I posted last month. I added two borders to make it larger and then let it take me wherever it wanted. I hope you can tell its supposed to be a snowy scene at daybreak.

As with almost all of my projects, it became more complicated. I embroidered more snow covered tree branches, a few rows of crops peeking out of snow, a farmhouse and hedgerow in the distance, a squirrel on one of the tree branches and a birds nest.

The title of the wall hanging is "A Light in the Window" which refers to my struggle with insomnia. You can see the light in the upper room of the appliqued farmhouse.

Here's the tree and if you look closely, the bird nest on one of the upper right hand branches. The trunk and branches are embroidered to look like bark.

Here's my chunky looking squirrel. He's obviously stored enough nuts to have a good winter. He was appliqued (fusible) but if I were to do this again, I'd probably just embroider him too. 

I'm not sure when or if I'll finish the wall hanging. I had hoped to embroider or quilt sleet/snow coming down. I enjoy hand quilting and embroidery but it wasn't long before my hands were painful and I had to stop. For now, the wall hanging is on my design wall.

You can only imagine how happy I was to learn our next challenge was to use Complimentary colors! I got started right away but a few weeks later, the decision was made to postpone our challenge until later due to everyone's commitments. Since I had finished piecing my quilt top and because I think I broke a few of the challenge rules, I'm going to reveal my project now and make a new project later.

Here's my starting point - red and green strips and scraps.

On my design wall. Unfortunately, Minnie, the pieced Christmas block and the white with red polka dot fabric did not make it into my project. However, there are cows and elephants.

I'm trying to learn a new skill with each project and this time its spiral machine quilting with a walking foot. This wall hanging might be called Wobbles and Bobbles because of my quilting! I've picked the stitching out once but not again. I'll share a finished photo and the details of my spiral machine quilting next time. This is really giving my shoulders and back a workout.

In other news, I'm still binding my Mediterranean Hexagon quilt (pictured last month) and should be ready to start stitching on its sleeve and label soon. When I decided to finish my 27 days of Quilty 365 circles, I discovered my circle template had melted into an oval shape! Time for a new template.

There is no shortage of quilt projects to work on around here.

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Your quilt definitely has a wintery look. You met the challenge well and I like your piece very much.

  2. I like your winter scene and think it is very successful in design and interest both close and from a distance.

  3. I like it too! And don't worry about breaking rules - the important thing is not to use a pattern. The quilt police will not attack.

  4. You beautifully achieved your winter dawn landscape. The details are perfect, not too many, and make it so intimate. Really lovely.

  5. oh neat.... Love the whole thing. The use of the neutrals is so well done and just that little bitty pop on the tree and in the window makes you want to look at it.

  6. lol My template has had to be redone because the iron melted it more than once along the edges. Love your beautiful winter landscape. The detail work is wonderful and looks very special.

  7. The landscape is stunning!! Love it.

  8. This is my favorite of the ones pictured. I love your lone tree and the squirrel. You have an amazing talent. I always loved the quilts in the other room at the Lawn and Garden Show. No wonder you aren't on FB often!

  9. Love love Light in the window! I could look and. Look at this piece of art. Very warming but makes you think about who may have lived there and about their lives. A Great Wall quilt for a Drs waiting room!!! Cheers Glenda