Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Love Entwined Center

My goal was to complete the center of Love Entwined (LE) by September 30th and I've done it!

You might notice a few changes from my last post. I decided to use the red gingham "fried eggs" and replaced the multi-color triangles around the Mariner's Compass with scrappy blue triangles.

There are a few things I would still like to do - that crooked embroidered fern in the lower right hand vase is bothering me so I'll probably redo it and I'd also like to embroider around the edges of the calla lilies in the upper left hand vase. 

However, those things will all wait until after I soak the top to remove the fabric bleeds. I plan to do that tomorrow and will blog how successful it was next week. For now I'm just enjoying looking at the LE center!

Meanwhile, I've cut out 144 triangles to use in the next border and have started prepping them. Here they are, four in each color. That should be enough plus a few more. I use the starch method to applique so I cut, prep, then glue baste and applique onto the background.

The Love Entwined borders are all intense applique. Lots of pieces which is something that seems to attract me!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Your fabric choices on this piece are just fabulous! I hope all goes well with the soak

  2. It's gorgeous ! So much intricate work involved in this pattern...amazing :)

  3. Your LE is absolutely lovely! What a beautiful center and Yahoo!! for making your goal!

  4. Your center for Live Entwined is beautiful.

  5. Congratulations! Oh I hope you consider leaving things as they are - variations make it so interesting. It is so so lovely!!