Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quilters Seasonal Color Disorder

 Am I the only one who's attracted to different kinds of projects and especially color at the change of seasons? Its what I call Quilter's Seasonal Color Disorder! Have no idea what it really is but I tend to work on traditional projects with what I call cozy colors and designs in winter and "interesting" projects with bright colors in summer. 

Weather in Kansas can be unsettled. A couple of weeks ago, we hit 100 degrees way too early in the season. Then last week, we had a few days with highs in the 60's and we had to turn the heat back on because of the lows at night. This week, we're back to the upper 90's. Cold or hot, I just wish for rain!

With all the weird weather, I'm not sure which season I should be sewing in! My applique quilts are patiently waiting for me and as soon as I get this out of my system, they'll be worked on again.

Here I am trying to stitch on selvage binding on the Selvage Star of Bethlehem quilt. Those corners are a challenge with all the bulk involved. I prefer bias binding but this is straight binding and it rarely looks good when I make it.

Here's a project way out of my color comfort zone - Selvage Streaker.

This is probably the most modern quilt I've ever made. It just needs the borders (purple) and the cornerstones (teal) sewn on. There won't be time to have it quilted before our quilt show in June but I plan to show the top anyway at my "Selvage Quilting" demo. Those of you actually reading this will get to preview it next week. Its already met with mixed reviews at the quilt shop and sometimes I feel like I'm looking at an accident. I don't want to look but I have to!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Nice to catch up with what you've been doing! I actually know what you mean about a quilt that was an accident, and I called it 'What Was I Thinking", 'cos I really don't know LOL!!!! But it obviously wanted to be made.....just like yours......I look forward to seeing your "WWIT" quilt top......

  2. I understand what you mean by the Quilter's Seasonal Color Disorder… I think I "suffer" from it too!
    I just love your selvage quilt: beautiful!

  3. Your post really brings a smile to my face - we're having the same up/down temperatures here out West and I too, am bouncing back and forth between projects and bouncing back and forth between the air conditioner or the furnace. Crazy weather!! ;o)

  4. Never really thought about it, but I agree with you. The selvages quilt looks wonderful.