Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Phebe progress! I've been concentrating on Phebe because she needs to go to the machine quilter soon. I've finished the 80 Ohio Stars and have various borders in different stages. Lots more to do but its exciting to see parts of it come together!  

Meanwhile, Love Entwined must wait its turn. I probably will not be able to do much work on it until late September which will make me at least 2 months behind. I'm hoping it doesn't become a UFO.

Kansas has received quite a bit of rain and some areas are flooding. So far, the worst thing that's happened at our house is a roof leak and the roofers will be coming to fix it soon. 


  1. Your Phebe quilt top is really progressing!! I love the colors you have used. I think the Ohio Star blocks will really make it sparkle. Thanks for showing an update of it---I got to get going on this project. I am also following along on LE but need to wait to get time in my sewing room.

  2. I love your LE. What a lovely colors and your applique looks amazing. Well done so far :-))) And your Phebe looks lovely too.

  3. I am loving your Phebe. The fabric selection is perfect! Did you foundation piece the sawtooth border?

  4. so gorgeous! I love the saw tooth border -
    Looks just beautiful!!!

  5. Oh wow, is all I can say about your work! Your pieces look exquisite. I hope the rain isn't causing interior damage. All fixed now, right?

  6. So beautiful, Mayleen! I love your Phebe ánd your Love Entwined!