Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Yes, I did!

I confess, once I saw it I could not let it be.

Love Entwined BOM - Part 1
This is my first ever Mariner's Compass. Its paper pieced and the flower circle and the ring were appliqued on top. Still need to make 32 circles measuring 5/16" to stitch in the ring. I don't have that size circle template so am looking around the house to see what might work. Part 2 will not be out until July 15. If you'd like more information about this free BOM, go to Esther Aliu's blog. This is her version of a 1790 marriage coverlet made in Great Britain.

I'm not forgetting Phebe! Here's my progress on the right border. The small petal flowers are yet to come plus one large flower and all the embroidery. I think the back basting technique helped me make the leaves tips more pointed so I'll be using that technique again.

For all of you celebrating the July 4th holiday,
have a safe and happy celebration!


  1. Yes, this quilt will have to fit in with all the other ones going--too cool to pass up. Love your color way in your compass!! There is a post on how to use a sequin for the circles on the yahoo groups page. Neat idea. Have a fun 4th!! judy

  2. Your compass is beautiful and so is your appliqued border. I am sure you LE will wonderful.

  3. Wow! Mayleen, your compass is just gorgeous, and I looked at the link, oh! my! what a project you have ahead of you, it's quite magnificent!!! I know where you'll be hiding for the forseeable future LOL!!!! I'll be following you with great interest!!!!!

  4. Haha Mayleen, you did fall under the spell of LE. Your compass looks wonderful. I can't wait to start mine next week once zi am home from a family reunion

  5. your compass looks great, love your fabric choices.
    wow phebe is looking great!

  6. your border is beautiful!! I cant wait to see your LE quilt as well I really like the compass

  7. Hi Mayleen, I already give you a compliment on your compas at the yahoo group, but once again,
    I love your fabric choice, so cute the flower in the center.