Monday, May 13, 2013

Phebe Borders #1, #2 and ?

Borders #1 and #2 were what I thought would be the easiest borders on the Phebe quilt. Ha.

Oh sure, the first border is easy but its only 1/2 inch wide and I know its not on straight or even or ... but I can live with it. 

 Border #2 was fairly easy applique except for the berries and most definitely those mitered corners. I lost track of how many days I worked on them but they're done!

Unfortunately, I put my "mark of ownership" on the bottom Border #2. Remember the "Measure twice, cut once" saying? Well, I measured at least twice and probably more like 5 times. Put my measuring tape down, picked up my rotary cutter and ruler and trimmed the border an inch too short. I still don't know how I did it. Anyway, I pieced it since I didn't want to redo the applique and don't think it will be very noticeable.

As you can see, I've started paper piecing the dogtooth border #3. I'm trying to convince myself that I like the fabric and am not succeeding. I'm using Baltimore Album by Mary Koval but it looks too neon pink to me so I tried to tone it down with some burgundy fabric I had. I don't think its working very well. The Baltimore Album fabric is the third fabric try, everything else looks dull and flat when I put it next to the center block.

Above the block are some of the Ohio Stars I've been piecing. They're a little brighter too so maybe the dogtooth border fabric will work. And then again, maybe not. 

Tomorrow is quilt guild day so I'll put this project up tonight and just think about it till Wednesday. Maybe the quilting fairy will pay a visit to my sewing room and solve my color issues!

If you aren't familiar with the Phebe quilt pattern, here is a photo of the complete quilt. You can see I have quite a ways to go!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. It's all looking beautiful. I like your dog tooth border with the burgundy added into the mix. I can empathise with your border dilemas as I am doing the dogtooth border on Di Ford's Morrell quilt. I'm using the freezer paper piecing method and I keep getting the fabrics the wrong way round and I've just beheaded a bird!

  2. That is going to be an amazing quilt! I think the dogtooth border looks good. I swear, fabric changes size when you measure more than once. Especially on larger pieces.

  3. Very nice. I can't believe how quickly this is coming along. I am not too happy with the colors in the star blocks I made so I stalled on this project. I like your sawtooth colors, it really does seem to be tricky to find just the right fabric for that border but yours is looking great!

  4. You are progressing very nicely with Phebe! I like the bright dogtooth border, I think it frames the applique nicely. I am up to making Ohio stars and the thought of pulling all the fabric out and making a huge mess is keeping me from starting.

  5. My goodness!!! You are moving along with this project. I notice in the picture of the entire quilt, that the dog tooth border is on the 'pink' side of things.....also it may seem a little over the top at the moment because being on the current outer edge of the piece thusfar it seems more prominent, but when the next applique border goes on it may recede a bit visually......I think your idea to give it an 'eye' rest for a day or two is a good one, sometimes looking at something with a fresh eye changes what you see, especially as you have been working with it so closely, you almost get a bit colour blind if you know what I mean. I love the Ohio star blocks, they will dampen down things too as they are quite visually eye catching. You're doing a great job Mayleen, it's not a race, go slow, I know you will make the right choices, it's a wonderful design, I haven't seen it before, thanks for posting that.....I love the entire piece, reminds me very much of an antique English style quilt, just beautiful!!!!

  6. I really think your Phebe is looking absolutely great!! And your progress is enormous... I like your colors very much. Give it some time and you will see that your Phebe already is a fantastic piece of work!

  7. Looking fantastic Mayleen !

  8. This is so ambitious! What a wonderful pattern and beautiful work so far...

  9. The pink Koval looks lovely next to the centre and the burgundy ties it together beautifully.
    I think it is totally gorgeous !
    Its funny how sometimes we just dont like what we do, But in a few days i bet you'll like it again.