Monday, June 25, 2012

My month of June

It's been far too long since I've posted but I think I've got a few good excuses!

Besides working like mad trying to complete my quilts for Prairie Quilt Guild's Common Threads Quilt Show, I've had a few interesting things happen. Everything from my mother's fall, hospitalization and eventually helping her move to the nursing home to having the brakes go out on our car while I was driving. I am all in one piece and trying to recuperate from the month of June! Hopefully, July will be better month because that's a special month for me! Details later.

Here's my Rocky Road to Kansas embroidered quilt which won first place at the show in the "Other Traditional Quilt" class. Its inspired by an antique quilt pictured in a Crazy Quilt book I own. This quilt was made to showcase my home state of Kansas' 150th. birthday and each embroidered center block features a state fact, symbol or nickname. Some of them are our state bird, animal, amphibian and even the state soil which I had no idea we even had!

This is my clamshell quilt hanging in the show. It won third place in the Hand Quilted class.

And then came a surprise!

My selvage quilt, "The Parlour's Tin Ceiling" won one of the Celebrity Judge's Awards!
It wasn't entered into the judged portion of the show but it won a ribbon anyway. Thanks to anyone reading this who sent me selvages and thanks again to Jan who did the beautiful machine quilting!

Until next time, Mayleen


  1. Congratulations. All of your quilts are truely prize winners. Hope your July will be good to you.

  2. You ROCKED those quilts, congratulations on your show victories!

  3. Congratulations Mayleen!!! Wow! all those hours of painstaking stitching paid off, well done, you should be extremely proud of what you have achieved!!! Isn't nice to see your quilts hanging among others and to have ribbons attached to yours, you must be so pleased!!!!

  4. Wonderful!! Well deserved ribbons.
    Beautiful quilts.

  5. Congratulations Mayleen! How exciting for you and well deserved after the horrible month you have had.

  6. congrats I am so thrilled for you
    Love your rocky road to Kansas just stunning
    OMG I Love your Parlour's tin ceiling quilt I have wanted to make a selvage quilt but never saw one I really loved. I LOVE yours!
    what a great idea and I love those tin ceilings :)
    thanks for sharing.
    Kathie ps hope July is a better month for you!

  7. Wow Mayleen I'm so blown away by your quilts. Beyond words! They show so well! Congratulations on your ribbons! Sorry I missed the show but the heat keeps me close to home. Do you have any specific plans for the quilts, i.e. more shows, home decor, gift? Once again congratulations! You deserve a break or maybe the ribbon highs will energize your sewing desire!

  8. congratulations on your special ribbon - how wonderful for you!! what a great photo!!

  9. Oh my, Mayleen! I'm so sorry to hear about everything you've been dealing with! Did you think to turn off the car when the brakes didn't work? Did you run into anything? And I hope you're mother's recuperating well. I am so happy and proud of you for winning awards/ribbons as you did! Congratulations! It's nice to see the picture of your entire clamshell quilt. It turned out so pretty! So glad your selvage quilt received that ribbon too. I STILL want to make one of those sometime. For now, all I'm doing is unpacking boxes at our new house.

  10. Very exciting Mayleen! Congratulations! Sorry you had such an awful month.

  11. Congratulations, Mayleen! So well deserved! You make such wonderful quilts!! I hope next month will be a much better one for you than June...

  12. Love your clam shell quilt, great colors! Congrats on the award, well deserved. I saw it at the quilt show and took a picture with my phone and posted it on Facebook, it was a hit with all my 'friends' too! I have a picture of it in my album on Picasa. Thanks for visiting my blog, I really enjoyed the show.