Friday, November 4, 2011


Here it is, finally finished!

"The Parlour's Tin Ceiling Quilt",
my version of Jacquie's Tin Ceiling Quilt!
You can get the tutorial and see her quilt here and here.

The quilting design is by Angela Walters. I liked it so much that I asked my machine quilter, Jan, to do something similiar on my version of the quilt. Yes, it does remind me of the tin ceiling in my parents' farmhouse! However, we certainly weren't fancy enough to have a "parlour" so that's a reference to the spiderweb. Perhaps you remember a poem about a spider and a fly, "Will you walk into my parlour, said the Spider to the Fly."

Thank you to everyone who sent me selvages! Some responded from a request on this blog and others heard about it at quilt guild. Even after making the border, which I thought would use almost all of the selvages, I still have some left. Looks like there may be another selvage project for me but definitely not one this large! It began as a throw and ended up Queen sized.

The pictures have been brightened up a little to show the quilting but the quilt is still a little on the bright side. You may have to put on your sunglasses to look at the back! Can you guess that I really like bright pink?


  1. It's beautiful and I love the quilting!

  2. Stunning, Mayleen! Your selvages look wonderful, especially as each spider web is enhanced with a wider print. And like your choice of the pale blue background too. Of course the quilting is very well done, and really makes the finished quilt look perfect. Do you have another bed to put this one on, since I believe Twenty Years on the Fence is on your master bed, correct? Thank you for showing us this one. It's an inspiration.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Wonderful quilting and I just love the back as well!!!!

  4. congratulations on finishing this wonderful quilt!! you must be so pleased - it looks fantastic!

  5. It is wonderful - love the quilting. It really enhances the quilt.