Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Just a few from the show!

I wish I could just set up a slide show of the wallhangings at the "Once Upon a Wall ... " quilt show but instead I'll show just a few that really spoke to me!

"Storm at Sea" made by Jenny Hutson, measures approx. 22x22 - Wonderful piecing!

This cross-stitch and quilted wallhanging was made by Ann Boese. - I admit to having a thing about barns! In fact, I wish this wallhanging were mine.

"Apple Pie" by Fran Rogers - My favorite color is red/pink and love apples so this one can come live at my house anytime!

"Spring Storm" made by Colleen Westerman, 25x27 - She told me she spent months getting the applique colors just right and I believe her.

Janett Wiebe's "Midnight Stars" - I've got the perfect place for this one!

Blogger won't allow me to put in any more quilts so I'll post a few more next time but right now, a quilting project is calling my name!

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  1. Lovely quilts Mayleen, I think the applique horse quilt is just amazing, so much work to get all the shades & movement just right, wonderful!!!!! I have to say the barn cross-stitch is very nice as well, thankyou for sharing!!!!