Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Time for a Giveaway!

Here's what you could win -

4 fat quarters of Isabella by Skipping Stones Studio for Clothworks
plus other goodies which will make their way into the package!

A side note
- I found out today that its National American Chocolate week. I've never needed a time frame for an excuse to eat chocolate but I guess this makes it more legitimate! What's a giveaway without chocolate?!?

You might win the prize if you can guess what I'm going to do with this (below) and the corresponding fairy tale:

First off, what is it? This is a coyote form used in taxidermy. Before we go any further, I do want you to know that I'm not taking up taxidermy! I borrowed form #4 from a young man at our church who does taxidermy. I do not plan to keep #4! Bear with me now because this could be a long explanation.

For those of you who have read this blog for awhile, you might remember that I helped coordinate "Covered With Love", a doll and crib quilts show, at the Mennonite Heritage & Agricultural Museum last June. We set up scenes with the doll quilts showing how a little girl might have played with her doll. You can see some of these in the pictures at the end of this post.

This year's quilt show theme is "Once Upon a Wall ... " featuring quilted wallhangings displayed in fairy tale settings. For one of the settings, I will need an animal and I'm going to have to make him because I can't think of an inexpensive way to include him otherwise. Basically what I need from the coyote form is the facial structure and I may have to pad that a little. I'm not going to use the body.

OK here it is, to win the giveaway prize tell me what you think the animal might be and which fairy tale he'll represent! I hope this isn't too hard, just use your imagination! Make your comment on this post only and please be sure I can notify you by e-mail. The giveaway contest will be open until 8 pm CST on Sunday, March 20. I'll draw the winner from the correct responses at that point.

Here are some fairy tales to choose from:

Goldilocks & the Three Bears
The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
Little Red Riding Hood
Jack & the Bean Stalk
Chicken Little
Hansel & Gretel

And a clue:
1. The background fabric under the Isabella fat quarters.

Looking forward to your guesses!

Some scenes from the 2010 "Covered With Love" Doll & Crib Quilts Show at the Mennonite Heritage & Agricultural Museum in Goessel, Kansas. Enjoy!

Back to School!

Washing dolly's clothes

This was the final scene, a doll choir singing Handel's
"Hallelujah Chorus".


  1. I'm not too familiar with these fairy tales, but I do know that there is a wolf in Red Riding Hood. That's my guess! You did a great job on the scene last year; I can't wait to see what you do this year!

  2. I would say it will be a wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. When is the display going to be? I'd love to come see it.

  3. Little Red Riding Hood. Have fun with this one - I can hardly wait.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. Little Red Riding Hood

    Love the colors in the fat quarters

  5. this sounds fun! the project you'll venture on and this post!
    The first thing that came to my mind (on not only mine as I can see...)the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood!
    thanks for the chance

  6. I think it may be the big bad wolf. Can't wait to see the finised animal.

  7. It has to be Little Red Riding Hood!!! What a great bit of creativity using this form! Would love to see your finished display!!!

  8. My first thought is that this is a dog... but there is no dog in any of those Fairy Tales that I can remember! So it must be the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood!

  9. It sounds like the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. :)

  10. I think it'll be the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. How clever of you!
    I'm a new follower and found you through the Quiltville chat group.

  11. I think it will be the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood!