Thursday, February 3, 2011

All done, I think!

Its done, its finally done!

Yes, I've finally finished my "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll" AKA "Peppermint Hot Fudge Sundae Delight" quilt top! I've been working steadily on it for at least six weeks and have done a lot more picking out on this quilt than any other project in recent memory. I'm pretty sure that was because of my own lack of quilting skills and "let me do it my way" attitude!

I may add a label to the backing before I take it to the machine quilter. I've always wanted to do that but usually don't. For some reason, I always wonder if I'll get the placement right and the label will be half on the quilt and half off or if the machine quilter will get it straight. Not sure who would notice if the label was straight or not when the quilt's on our bed!

So yesterday when I finished sewing the backing together and pressing it, I felt a little adrift. Kind of like "Its done so now what?" Believe me, it isn't like I have a shortage of projects to work on so its on to my next UFO or PhD project, whichever initials you prefer! And that project is the selvage spiderweb quilt.

I'll be delivering the quilt top and backing to a machine quilter next week when its supposed to be a little warmer and will probably not get the quilt back till late March.

Heat wave here today with an expected high of 20 degrees! Much, much better than yesterday. I hope all of you who were affected by the storm are doing OK and staying warm!


  1. What a great acheivement, your quilt is just beautiful!! Looking at it closely there is a lot of work that has gone into it, You must share again once it is quilted and on the bed, it'll look fabulous!!!

  2. Mayleen, it is so beautiful! It is going to bring you joy for years to come!

  3. It looks fabulous!! So pretty! You could always piece a label into the backing too. I always forget until after it's basted. Or you could handsew the label on after it's quilted. Or, I've seen people just write on thier quilts with a fabric marker too. There's lots of possibilities! This quilt really looks amazing, you should be proud!

  4. Mayleen - this looks lovely. You did a great job. The colors are great for the spider webs. I want to try a dresden plate soon.

    Hugs - Marie

  5. That quilt is gorgeous! I love love love it!

    We're having a heat wave here too. It was 22 today. The snow is actually trying to melt. I even saw the sun for about 5 minutes.

  6. The quilt top is gorgeous! Lovely job! 8-)

  7. Really, really gorgeous, Mayleen! I am pea-green! You go girl!

  8. I's really lovely and you did a wonderful and speedy job.
    Can't wait to see it after quilting.
    have a great weekend