Sunday, November 14, 2010

Selvage Quilt update

I'm working on my selvage quilt blocks again. This is a photo of a block I put together to show some women who have given me selvages. No one could imagine what a spiderweb quilt made with selvages would look like!
Each block uses 8 subunits and there are usually 8-10 selvages in each subunit.

After working off and on sewing selvages together into subunits, I only have enough subunits to make almost 9 blocks. Obviously, I have to make more time for this quilt as I'd still like to make it a throw or twin size. If I stopped now it would only be about 45x45 or if I still wanted a throw or twin size, I'd have to add really wide borders!


  1. Really, really nice, Mayleen! You have such excellent taste in quilt designs! It's quite amazing we're so like-minded. This is one I've wanted to make for quite a while, and when I'm at home long enough, I will start it. Can you say which pattern you're using, please?

  2. We are staying beautiful blocks.

  3. very nice blocks...who would have believed that the selvages could be so lovely

  4. Too cute!! It's amazing what you can do with selvages!! I've even contemplated keeping some of mine instead of throwing them away!!

  5. Looks marvelous! I can't wait to return to my selvage project - aren't they so fun?

  6. I've been quilting for years and now I wish I'd saved all those selvedges! blessings, marlene