Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Unofficially, it looks like cleaning the bathroom is winning the least favorite chore with dusting coming in second! I was surprised how many of you didn't like unloading the dishwasher or folding clean laundry. I wasn't surprised, though, about all of you who don't like cleaning ovens! Guess what I had to do tonight?

Dinner exploded quite literally when the glass baking pan shattered in the oven. There went the Kickin' Chicken and the baked home fries I was planning to serve for dinner tonight. The pan shattered into lots of pieces and there was sauce all over the oven. Thankfully, my oven is self cleaning but first I had to clean out the glass and wipe out as much of the sauce as possible. What a mess. I must have done a fairly good job of cleaning it out because so far, the smoke detector hasn't gone off! (That's what usually happens when I run the self-cleaning cycle on my oven.)

I've been feeling quite restless lately but I have been doing a little quilting as I have time. The stack of spiderweb selvage blocks is slowly increasing. BTW, Thank you to everyone who's contributed selvages recently! I'm trading off working on them with working on my clamshells.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway by leaving a comment about your favorite or least favorite cleaning chore on my previoius post!


  1. Oh my your poor chicken! Sorry you had to clean such a mess. I once made bread pudding in a large glass 9 x13. As I took it out it slipped from my hands crashing on the floor spraying hot bread pudding and glass everywhere. I think I cried more about my poor bread pudding then the mess lol.

    I like to fold laundry, it smells all clean and fresh and folding everything feels so nice:)

    Ann Flowers

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I noticed that you live in south central Kansas. In 1964 DH graduated from Sterling College in Sterling, KS. I imagine you know where that is. We got married while he was in college, so I lived in Sterling for 2 years while he finished.

  3. You poor thing! What a mess!
    One Christmas time I had made a batch of fudge. My fudge recipe was my mothers and it makes about 4 pounds of fudge. I had spread it out on my mothers Desert Rose platter. And it slipped out of my hands and shattered all over the floor. I felt just sick about breaking that platter, it was one of the few things I had that belonged to my mother. I was just as sick, though, over losing all that fudge. . .

  4. Yikes -
    sorry to hear about your dinner - :(
    I hope you got take out.
    thanks for the give away opportunity