Tuesday, June 29, 2021

What's on my desk, week 2

What's on my sewing desk? Well, Squirrel! There are new piles of fabric.

I bought Bonnie Hunter's Bitcoin pattern to make scrap quilts and started cutting and piecing some columns. My husband looked in and said, "There are piles everywhere!" My unsaid reply, "And your point is?" LOL

Until next time, Mayleen


Friday, June 18, 2021

What's on my sewing desk?



Seed Packet is actually on the design wall right now but earlier today it was on my sewing desk as I stitched together the small squares border on the right side. Unfortunately, my 1/4" seam does not match the seams in body of the quilt and I have some unpicking and resewing to do. It really shouldn't take too long to fix as in days and days but I'm simply avoiding getting started. 

With all the packing to get ready for the remodel, I came across these linens which now set on my sewing desk. There are some doilies, embroidered pillow cases, tablecloths, and I think I see my a potholder my mom made when she was in school. I know there is more of this kind of stuff in the closet behind the design wall. For years now I've been thinking of cutting squares of the embroidery out of the linens and piecing them into a wall hanging or small quilt. There are just too many quilt project ideas in my brain!

Here's another example in another corner of my sewing desk. Years ago, I collected cotton shirts which I took apart and planned to use in a quilt. Occasionally I'd use a little of the fabric in a project but mostly the shirts rested in a box. A few weeks ago, I saw a quilt made up using shirt fabric. I decided to make it. This is as far as I got before SQUIRREL! I think I'll just put those shirts back into their box until the next time I get inspired.

This is an ongoing, may never be finished, sentimental project on my desk. Every time my family gets together, we sign this tablecloth with washable markers. Then I embroider the names and launder it so that the tablecloth is ready for the next use. What really happens is that I put off embroidering until right before we get together again. Unless plans change, everyone is coming home for the July 4th holiday which means I better get that embroidery done!

 Our high temperatures have been way too hot for me this week. After coming dangerously close to overheating while working in the yard, I've cut back to just watering and light weeding until the heat and humidity break. The older I get, the less I like extreme temperatures. Something I'm thankful every year about this time is air conditioning!

Until next time, Mayleen

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Seed Packet

I let a few days go by and suddenly its been weeks since I've posted. Just to keep my "quilt journal" up to date, I've started Kaffe Fasset's Seed Packet quilt. This is part of the twin size top ready for its pieced borders. The problem is my design wall will need to be taken out to the living room where there's more space for me to plan out the borders this quilt. As I sit here contemplating my low energy, it may not happen today.

Also going on: hot humid weather, every plant which I optimistically planted needs water, weeds need to be pulled, and the remodeling project begin date is approaching. It involves the kitchen, dining room, living room, entry, and laundry room. Packing, donating, furniture moving, and painting (done by us) and then a month or so of remodeling (done by someone else). Dust, noise, people in and out of the house. I will be hiding either in my sewing room or outside.

I'm already looking forward to fall when the house will be put back together.

Until next time, Mayleen

Friday, May 14, 2021

Flower Blooms, real and applique

 Some housekeeping: You've probably heard by now that Feedburner is going away soon. Feedburner is the whatever you want to call it that sends my blog to you by email. If you want to keep reading this blog, my suggestion is to sign up using bloglovin'. On the sidebar of this blog, there's a way to subscribe by clicking on it and then entering your email address. 

And now back to my week ...


Flowers are a big part of my life! The colors of this year's blooms are so beautiful. I didn't know what to expect after our freezing weather this year but it seems to have made the colors more intense. This iris was one of many iris plants my mom asked me to dig from her flower bed and replant in mine when she went to the nursing home. Purple and especially lavender was her favorite color.


The peonies were hers too and this year they have outdone previous years' blooms.


This photo was taken yesterday. Today we're getting some much needed rain and the blooms are water logged and bent over even though I provided support around each plant.


One of our cats trying to send me a message that his food bowl is "empty".


And lastly, my applique project progress. My sprigs blocks for the quilt guild's Opportunity Quilt are all glue basted and the two lower blocks have been appliqued. I stitch on this project when the weather doesn't allow me to be outside digging up Bermuda grass. Its my summer exercise program!

Until next time, Mayleen

Friday, May 7, 2021

Stalks on Blocks

These are the 5 blocks I'm appliqueing for my quilt guild's Opportunity Quilt.


These are my stalks on blocks.


This is the pattern for the Opportunity Quilt!

 This is my way of auditioning the Tula Pink fabrics.


This is one block glue basted and ready to stitch.

That is all. Until next time, Mayleen

Friday, April 30, 2021


Ridiculous because I don't have much to show for the weeks I haven't blogged!

 I did finish quilting, binding, and adding a label to my Dotty quilt. The pattern is "Bright Squares" designed by Kaffe Fassett. This was begun in a class at Houston Quilt Festival several years ago and now all 2028 squares are sewn together to make this quilt. One less UFO, makes me happy!

This year whenever possible, I'm piecing quilt backs to try to use up some of my older fabric. These are all Kaffe or Kaffe Collective. Not pretty but its out of my stash.

I've begun working on some applique blocks for our quilt guild's opportunity quilt. No pictures yet because so far, there are just stems on backgrounds.


I told you I didn't have much to show for myself so now you'll get to enjoy my latest cat photo. This is Jesse and Clyde "playing" with a fish toy which was passed on to me. Apparently, wrestling with it once was enough. My cats must not be playful!


My lilac bush and irises made it through a late freeze! The iris was blown down by the wind so I brought it inside to enjoy. The peonies also look like they'll bloom soon.

I've been spending a lot of time working outside in the yard. This year we've got several landscape projects in process. I'm adding another flower bed and edging an existing bed. My husband lays and levels the landscape block and I tote the blocks which weigh 20 pounds each. Working in the yard is our way of keeping active as long as we can. 

Until next time, Mayleen


Saturday, April 17, 2021

A little of this, a little of that


I struggle to make blue quilts so this months RSC of light and/or bright blue was a challenge. Because I don't use blue often, my tub of blue scrap fabric is full so you'd think I could find fabric that would inspire me. That didn't happen. I finally ended up with this baby quilt top which will be donated. I'm ready to move on to another project.


I started my version of the "Mrs. Billings" quilt years ago and it became a UFO at this stage. It seems overwhelming now but my thought is to work on it a week each month or perhaps just add another border each month. Whatever I choose, I need to make progress! Before I begin on it, I need to finish the Kaffe polka dot quilt.


The top was "finished" but I decided to add 3 more blocks to make it a rectangle instead of a square quilt. That's been done and it measures approximately 60x80. I've begun to machine quilt it.


I work on it a few hours here and there. Unfortunately, hauling the sandwich around and through my machine is causing my shoulder bursitis to flare up. In other words, it may take me longer than I thought to finish and move on to the next project. Every quilting step is a season and I've decided not to push myself but try to enjoy what I can do!

Until next time, Mayleen