Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas, a little late

I hope your Christmas was meaningful and blessed. Our family was together for the first time in four years. Three grandchildren two years and under made it a fun time!

I haven't been blogging much lately due to too much going on - guild stuff and family stuff. However, that didn't stop me from taking almost everything out of my sewing room just after Thanksgiving. 

Coming soon - My sewing room redo and the 34 UFO's I found!

Until the new year,

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mustard and Ketchup anyone?

Do you remember Mustard & Ketchup? I'm still struggling with accuracy on border #2.

 I was so happy I'd gotten those pieced diamonds together until I realized the borders were too wide.
So, off they came. 

The story of the borders:

Borders not the same size.

A really bad oops! Borders not the right length. By this time, I'd pressed the border fabric so much that it was scorched and I had to find new fabric which coordinated with the red diamonds in the star.

It was really difficult to find that red. Somehow I don't think the maker of the original quilt would have cared if the reds matched or not which is one more reason to admire her.

For the past couple of months, this is what Mustard & Ketchup looked like.

There was a sad pile of rejects which seemed to grow every time I tried to piece a new border. How difficult could figuring out the correct math be? Math people, be kind to those of us who struggle!

 This week Monday, I decided I was going to EPP the correct size diamond. I decided to EPP because I wanted to fussy cut those little sprigs on the yellow diamonds.

When it was finished, it was too small because someone told me the wrong decimal equivalent of a fraction. That just made me more determined to get this right!

Tuesday - I think I did it but I've got a problem. I'd read about glueing the fabric to the paper pieces so I tried it. Yes, it saved a lot of time and it worked great, a little too great. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get the paper pieces out of the diamond after I add the setting triangles. Somehow the school glue stick I used is holding as well as Super Glue!

I should have known better than using glue because this is not the first time I've had glue adhere too well. No amount of soaking fixed my previous quilt so I don't know what will happen this time.

Wednesday - I took the day off. The sun is shining, the temperatures are above freezing and the snow is melting! After the really cold weather we've been having, its too nice to stay inside.

Tomorrow, its me, the diamonds and the glue.
Next week I'll let you know if I got them apart or if I had to start completely over!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Now Blooming in my Sewing Room

Its a little early for the kind of cold weather we're having! Saturday we might even get some snow! I'm trying to look forward to it! It's not working. The only thing that excites me about really cold weather is that its perfect weather for quilting!

So because everything outside is frozen and my houseplants have been put in rooms where cats cannot find them, I'm working on flower quilting projects this week.

Prairie Quilt Guild's BOM - "Where Inspiration Blooms", block #2
You're right, no one else will have a quilt like mine! Unless I change my mind, my quilt's name will be "Inspiration at Dusk".

I have no idea what the next flower block looks like but I have plans for its leaves. This is looking just a little too tidy to me!

And now for the traditional side of me, I'm making the next ring of hexagon rosettes for my version of the Ann Ruggle hexagon quilt. The rosettes alternate between that yellowish green color and light pink. I'm using mostly Jo Morton fabrics from my stash but adding other fabrics too. 

Stay warm and enjoy Quilting Season!

Until next time, Mayleen

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fur on Quilts

Have you ever made a quilt with a realistic animal on it? If I tried, I'm not sure the animal would be recognizable. I'm impressed how quilters can capture an animal's expression and mood! Here are some of the animal quilts from the Houston Quilt Festival.

 Kim Wants to Quilt, But Tae Needs a Belly Rub by David Taylor

Summer Camp by Barbara Yates Beasley

You Dirty Dog! by Cindy Garcia

Let Sleeping Cats Lie by Cheryl Giovenco

Best Friends by Jeannie Moore

Raining Bubbles by Jennifer Day
Click on this photo to see the animals in the bubbles!

Its So Otis by Nancy Raher-Kessler

Can We Talk About the Steak? by Barbara Yates-Beasley

But We're Only Playing by Sandra Betts

If They Were in Furano by Hiroko Miyanna

Bookends by Kim ? 
(I'm sorry I can't give credit but the photo of the paper with the quilter's name is too blurry for me to read. Does anyone know her name?)

Unforgiven by Laurie Russman
Uh, oh. We put bows on our cats' heads every Christmas morning. Now I'm going to be wondering if I'm forgiven!

All in the Family by Nancy Brown

Seneca by Ferret

Identity Crisis by Susan Engler
 I grew up on a farm so seeing this calf brought many memories of bottle and bucket feeding calves back to me. Calves have the longest eyelashes!

I'm bracing for tomorrow's weather which is predicted to be 30 degrees colder than today! Shiver. The best thing about cold weather is its quilting weather!

Until next time, Mayleen

Friday, November 7, 2014

Seeing Red

More quilts from the Houston Quilt Festival!

I'm always drawn to red quilts, even if there's only a little red in them. It usually doesn't matter what style of quilt it is either. Red is what attracts me. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

 This is what we saw as we entered the show. The Houston Quilt Festival was celebrating their Ruby anniversary with a special display of red and white quilts!

 G.M.O.'s Gone Wild by Betsy Brandt-Kreutz

 Joyful Heart by Aki Sakai

 Sweet Fifteen by Miyuki Hamaba

 Sarah's Revival by Sue Garman

 My Version of a Persian by Christine Wickert

Reptile Wisdom by Karen Stone
I really liked the mixture of red, hot pink and orange colors.

 A Square Pattern by Tadako Nagasawa

 Magic Carpet by Suet-Fern Lee

 King's Parade by Suet-Fern Lee

 An Autumn Flavor by Kiyoko Matsumoto

Its the Singer Not the Song by Ming Hsu

I'm sure I have pictures of more red quilts but I think this is enough for today. More quilts from the show to come including a popular portrait quilt and some pet quilts too!

Until next time, Mayleen

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why I went to Houston!

I have many photos of quilts from the Houston Quilt Festival to share with you but I'm going to start with the quilts and people I most wanted to see!

The Australian Quilting Exhibit, sponsored by Quiltmania

 Phebe by Di Ford
Since I'd just finished my version of Phebe in spring, I most definitely wanted to see it!

Rotherfield Greys by Di Ford
I'm attracted to medallion quilts so this is another quilt I'd like to make.

Antique Wedding Samper by Di Ford
I've made 5 blocks but am having difficulty finding the right fabrics. I spent a lot of time studying this quilt.

the Morrell Quilt by Di Ford
I'm not sure I've spelled Morrell correctly but this quilt is on my "Someday" list.

Drayton Hall by Di Ford

Ann's Legacy by Di Ford

Oh dear, Mrs. Tompkins! aka The Burnt Quilt by Di Ford

Jane Austen Quilt by Di Ford

I'd like to learn more about Broderie Perse so I made sure to watch the demonstration Michelle Yeo (left) and Di Ford (right) did. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to catch the bus back to our hotel.

On Saturday afternoon, I attended the lecture, "Three Addicted Aussie Quilters", given by Carolyn Konig, Di Ford and Michelle Yeo (l-r) and enjoyed hearing about how they approach quilting.

Stars upon Stars by Michelle Yeo

California Star by Michelle Yeo

19th Century Folk Art by Carolyn Konig

Marriage Quilt by Carolyn Konig

Indiana Rising Sun by Michelle Yeo

and if you've stayed with me so far ...
my friend and a member of our quilt guild, Jan Hutchison collaborating with Gail Stepanek, won the Pfaff Master Award for Machine Artistry for their quilt, Stars on Mars!

It was an exciting and fun time at the quilt festival but now I'm trying to play catch up on everything I should have been doing at home. I'll be back with another installment of photos soon.

Until next time, Mayleen